Leading…from the Inside-Out


A business’s main variable is HUMAN, and HUMAN’S main variable is “STATE OF MIND.”
80% of your performance success is psychology, 20% is mechanics.  Understanding the top athlete’s peak performance states and a deeper comprehension of how pure intelligence and wisdom unleashes within complex systems will provide clues on how to nurture and guide smart teams to achieve outstanding results.
Clarity is power.  Resilience is our innate capacity of the mind to return to its natural state, where wisdom and common sense remain.  Whenever individuals and teams tap into that force, instant motivation will immediately unleash.

CLEARNESS® SMART TEAM is a beautifully designed experience for managers, middle-managers, and high-performing teams to guide them into instant motivation and unlimited performance.

“Life, in all its evolutionary wisdom, manages ecosystems of unfathomable beauty, ever evolving toward more wholeness, complexity, and consciousness …
What could organizations achieve, and what would work feel like, if we treated them like living beings, if we let them be fueled by the evolutionary power of life itself?”

Frédéric Laloux

The Challenge

A survey shows that the vast majority of employees are disengaged at work. A Gallup poll found that only 13% of the employees worldwide are engaged at work (63% are not engaged, and 24% are actively disengaged). On the other side, leaders are tired of running the rat-race and coping with high pressure, at least not finding meaning and self-fulfillment. This combination makes it hard to fuel high-performing teams.

Teams: Feeling trapped and lack of freedom due to micro-management and lack of flexibility.

Teams: Sense of being under-valued and lack of vision and transparency.

Leaders: Running the rat race and the pressing need to increase agility without running into a burn-out mode.

Leaders:The continuous need to lead and motivate teams but, inside, lacking energy.

The Outcome

In a just 48-hours-retreat you will be able to change the game into a fresh and powerful work spirit unleashing motivation, collaboration, and performance in your organization. Throughout an outstanding and highly inspirational experience, you will individually and collectively find renewed energy, connection, and wisdom.

Teams: They will get a sense of lightness and wellbeing, connect with their flow-state, get work done with less effort , overcome stress, fear and procrastination.

Teams: They will be quicker to engage in clearing hurdles as they arise and connect much more with colleagues, customers and managers.

Leaders: They will be able to spend much more time in a balanced state, allowing deeper capacities to be more fully on-line.

Leaders: They will hear what is being said more deeply and be more alert and connected with others.

Getting There


20 min individual sessions with each participant via ZOOM to familiarize themselves with the overall process.

Optional: initial and final questionnaire to measure results.

SMART TEAM Immersion Experience

2,5 days spent on an innovative approach where teams will tap into new levels of both, individual and collective clarity, and, from there, find new working dynamics.

Optional: one-day team workshop experience.


Open line with Subtractive Coaching®, and optional deep-dive workshop for the team.

Optional: online or face-to-face bimonthly refreshments.

5 – 20 participants per session

A Typical CLEARNESS® SMART TEAM Immersion Experience

CLEARNESS® Immersion Retreat


  • Individual Session
    (Virtual 20 mins) with each participant to get familiar with the approach and the process of the upcoming retreat, and to mutually agree the program fit.
  • Initial Questionnaire
    to participants before starting, to self-assess the areas of impact.

15 – 20 participants
per session

2,5 days retreat
+ optional Follow-up

18:30Objectives: personal & professional
Clarity and the snag
Design & function of the brain
8:00Expressive movement
9:30Design & function of the mind
Design & function of our human experience
14:30The real cause of the 3 poisons: stress , fear and procrastination
Access your innate well-being and resilience
21:00Open fire Insights
8:00Walking in nature
09:30The 3 underlying principles of CLEARNESS®
11:30Identify Objectives, Facts & Challenges
Follow-up: Open line with subtractive coaching®, optional change management


Our Immersion Retreat will be adapted for each location/country, taking into consideration local culture and uses, where trekking in nature, healthy food & lifestyle and uplifting morning activities will be part of the experience.

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships."

Michael Jordan


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