Coaching…from the Inside-Out

CLEARNESS SUBTRACTIVE COACHING® is our powerful coaching program. We take you through an exclusive one-on-one six months or three days intensive experience that will guide you to cross any thresholds that hinder you from reaching your personal or professional goals.

  • The mind always works from the inside-out.
  • There are principles or laws which describe our life experience.
  • We have an innate power to cross any difficulty or barrier in our lives unleashing wisdom, resilience, and common sense.

“A good coach can change a game. A great coach can change a life.”

John Wooden

The Challenge

At some point or many points in our lives, we’re bound to go through some kind of struggle.  Losing a job, financial problems, a bad breakup, or a bad week in which just about everything goes wrong.  Whatever the case, the subsequent stress definitely takes a toll on you and can cost you more than you bargained for if you don’t keep your head in the right place.  There are many signposts: 

Lacking energy , feeling tired or exhausted all the time.

Experiencing 'brain fog', find it hard to think clearly or finding it hard to concentrate.

Finding it hard to cope with everyday things and tasks or experiencing 'burn out’.

Not wanting to talk to or be with people or not wanting to do things you usually enjoy.

The Outcome

We try, innocently and mechanically, to solve our challenges with a brainy or rational intent. It doesn’t work. In our CLEARNESS® journey we nurture the space in which the mind returns to its natural position, shedding its conditioning. The perfume that emanates from that natural state is peace, wellbeing, wisdom, silence and love.
CLEARNESS®, in short, places you into a renewed internal position, a new home base, from which to live, decide, relate and act.

With this coaching experience you will be able to change the game and live the life you ever dreamed of: YOUR LIFE.

You will, absolutely, break mental barriers and limiting beliefs increasing your security, responsiveness and self-confidence.

You will find within yourself new resources for energy, connection and innate wisdom.

You will uncover the secrets of your innate resilience unleashing your profound wellbeing and freedom.

You will increase your presence state. hear what is being said more deeply. and be more alert and connected with others.

Getting There

CLEARNESS® is a 48 hours well structured educational journey that facilitates a precise understanding of the human experience. We will  guide you through four specific stages:

Objective-scientific stage©

Understanding human evolution and the biological purpose and functioning of the brain.

Subjective-psychological stage©

Understanding our psychological functioning and our deep-rooted human conditioning.

Constructed-experiential stage©

Understanding the mechanics of the mind and the inside-out nature of human experience.

Illusory-identity stage©

Understanding our true nature and the core foundation of our beingness.

Each milestone is a holon that essentially describes a different point-of-view of your life experience. Each consecutive stage integrates and transcends the comprehension of the previous one. With each step you will get a closer and deeper understanding of your INNER SELF.

1:1 - CLEARNESS® Subtractive Coaching

CLEARNESS SUBTRACTIVE COACHING® is a one-on-one personal or executive coaching program. Through several 45- 60 min sessions with our specialized coaches, you will be able to get INSIGHTS to achieve your personal and professional goals.
You will increasingly develop a profound understanding of how the human operating system works and the mechanics of how life experience unfolds moment to moment.  Your barriers will vanish, and you will get new INSIGHTS on how to achieve your goals, strengthen your relationships, and unfold your personal and professional life.

Step 1

Select “Book your session”.

Step 2

Choose your desired coaching program.

Step 3

 Select you prefered dates and time.

Step 4

Start your coaching process.

1:1 - CLEARNESS® 3 Days Intensive

The 1:1 – 3 Days Intensive  is a beautifully designed program for executives or individuals who do not have the time to get into processes that take several months to achieve their goals or people who want to make a definitive and profound change in their lives. The program has a dual approach: personal coaching and executive coaching, which is appropriately combined for each process and is aimed to drive a paradigm shift in the way people approach their challenges and objectives in their personal and professional lives.
Step 1

Get in contact filling out the form at the bottom of this site.

Step 2

We will get in touch with you ASAP to explore your goals and mutually agree the program fit.

Step 3

We consense the dates and start the booking process

Step 4

We meet in a beautiful location specially chosen for you, away from your work, home, mobile and email, so that you can live a unique and profound experience.

Step 5

You will enjoy 2,5 days relaxing, reflecting and assimilating every single INSIGHT that will show up.

Step 6

We set follow-up calls at agreed times on how your understanding and clarity evolved after the intensive, and to further continue your transformational journey.


CLEARNESS® Immersion Retreat

Our CLEARNESS 1:1 – 3 Days INTENSIVE retreat will be adapted for each single person, taking into consideration local culture and uses, where trekking in nature, healthy food & lifestyle and uplifting morning activities will be part of the experience.

"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone."

Neale Donald Walsh


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