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HI! I am Helmar, and I am really passionate about creating the very circumstances for organizations and individuals to unleash their innate potential.

For over 25 years I have been working with large companies in Spain, Portugal, and Latin America, such as Nestlé, Robert Bosch, Deutsche Bank, Heineken, Telefónica, Repsol, Santander, Pequiven, Plastilago, Quilmes or Portucel, where I have been defining HR processes, implementing technical projects, or executing innovation and design thinking workshops to uncover business needs and improve/enhance processes triggering organizational, technological, and personal change.

I combine strategic business knowledge with a profound and broad humanistic understanding, such as psychoanalysis, transactional and transpersonal psychology, Gestalt psychology, Enneagram, Non-violent Communication, NLP, Expressive movement and self-awareness, Rudolf Steiner´s anthroposophy, Buddhism, Sufism, Taoism, Kábala, Person-Centered Communication, theater, therapeutic theater, classical and jazz music, cinema, film aesthetics, Methode Pneumophonique Serge Wilfart, Clarity Coaching, Byron Katie awareness approach, 3 Principles Sydney Banks among others.

Recently I founded MARPAS HILLS, the INNATE HUMAN SCHOOL, integrating all essential training activities  and retreats I delivered so far for individuals, leaders, athletes,  artists, and students.  I have been training people around the globe: in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, Holland, United Kingdom, Finland, Greece, Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Bolivia, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, South Korea, Denmark, Austria, South Africa, Singapore.

All business and individual proposals are aimed to achieve practical results on one side and, on the other, nurture that very inner space for people to glance up, unleash awareness, and break through their limiting concepts and beliefs that prevent them from accessing their innate qualities.  The very limit of our possibilities and our personal and professional growth never lies outside; it always lurks within.

I have been working and still working for universities and business schools as IE, IESE, EOI, Deusto, UFV, APD.  

 Co-author of “Fissures: nomad thoughts for pioneers” on disruptive business innovation.

Founder of MARPAS HILLS. The Innate Human School (www.marpashills.com)

Founder of CLEARNESS®. (www.clearness.es)

Founder of I-CQ®: (www.i-cq.com)




Hello, My name is Marco, outdoorsman and expert  mountaineer, businessman, advisor and consultant for businesses and organizations. My key areas are Marketing and Technology, where I earn more than 30 years experience creating and developing projects and companies from the scratch. Currently I lead a group of companies, always providing new insights and perspectives based on collaboration, innovation and sustainable growth for the  long term. My drive is to create highly motivational workspaces and unleash creativity and cooperation to work across teams, customers and suppliers. I am an expert facilitator on agile methodologies as Design Thinking, apprentice of life and “facilitator of facilitators” always creating high contribution spaces to unleash high performance, passion and well-being.



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