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We have designed a practical and participatory workshop in which teenagers discover their innate capacities and well-being. This will allow them to organically develop their resources when they struggle with their daily life challenges and difficulties.
We dive into important areas that matter to young people: studying and school, stress, insecurities, addictions (social networks, need for approval), self-image, motivation, relationships with parents, teachers, and friends, and bullying
This current edition has been completely revised, including interactive exercises and group and individual reflections that will allow participants to find new, bold and accurate answers to their conflicts and daily concerns.

“May you become who you are.”


The Challenge

Teenagers face many worries since it is the most uncomfortable and conflictive stage in their lives. During this time, they are exposed to internal and external battles that are often overwhelming. They often suffer, and adults around, like parents or teachers, expect them to cope with their hormonal changes, puberty, social pressures, parental demands and expectations, school obligations, and many more. Many teens feel misunderstood.


It is no longer just "troubled teens" who drop out of school. Some teens feel so much pressure to get into a good college that they burn out before they graduate from high school.

While peer pressure is not a new problem, social media takes it to a whole new level. Sometimes children may make wrong or inappropriate decisions and may fear seeking help and support.

The increase in the use of social networks by teenagers, turned bullying into something much more public and widespread. In fact, cyberbullying has replaced bullying as the most common type of bullying experienced by teens.

Social media can have a negative impact on the choice of friends and is changing the way teens get to know each other. It can even affect their mental health. But regardless of precautions parents may take, teens are likely to be exposed to inappropriate content and people.

The Outcome

Teenagers will get insights into their inner world, which will unleash their innate resilience and well-being to handle their lives, especially when it gets tough for them.

In a just 48-hours-retreat, you will be able to change the game and understand the underlying principles behind their innate well-being and resilience to BECOME WHO THEY ARE.

The innateness of their psychological system.

Why they think, feel and behave as they do.

Why and how their well-being. disappears and reappears.

How their integrated compass helps them to always return into their original wellbeing.

Getting There


20 min individual sessions with the parents via ZOOM to familiarize themselves with the overall process for their kids.

INNATE TEEN Experience

2,5 days spent on an innovative approach where teenagers will tap into new levels of both, individual and collective clarity, and, from there, unleash powerful insights that will help them to deal with their life.


Open line with Subtractive Coaching®, Optional: online or face-to-face quarterly refreshments.

5 – 20 participants per session

A Typical CLEARNESS® INNATE TEEN Immersion Experience

CLEARNESS® Immersion Retreat


  • Individual Session
    (Virtual 20 mins) with each parent to get familiar with the approach and the process of the upcoming retreat and to mutually agree the program fit.

1-20 participants
per session

2,5 days retreat
+ optional Follow-up

18:00Objectives: What matters most to you?
Our Psicological System
Design & function of the brain
8:00Expressive movement
9:30Design & function of the mind
Design & function of our human experience
14:30Separate realities: accepting the difference
Identity and labels
21:00Open fire Insights
8:00Walking in nature
09:30Bullying and how to handle it
11:30Addictions (mobile phones, likes, etc)
Follow-up: Open line with subtractive coaching®, optional change management


Authenticity awaits them in a family farm where they will disconnect from the rush of their daily life and reconnect with their innate capacity for resilience and wellbeing. They will experience a transformative journey in an inspiring setting: enjoying a charming rural environment, healthy and tasty food, within the best circle of friends.

Trekking in the mountains, early morning “expressive movement” activities, and after-dinner reflection sessions in an authentic Indian tipi gathering around an open fire and sharing insights, will be part of the experience.

Love yourself enough to set boundaries. Your time and energy are precious. You get to choose how you use it."

Anna Taylor


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