Performing…from the Inside-Out

When performing, whether you are a musician, an actor, a writer, a painter, a sculptor, or any other artist, you may have realized that there is something deeper in play than any technique or skill you may have acquired.  You know this very well. That is the place where good songs come from. Getting in touch with that inner place and remaining in the FLOW STATE, not just by chance, is critical for any breakthrough and sustainable success.
With this program we get into the very heart of how any artist may see beyond themselves, get out of their way and thrive.

“If I knew where the good songs came from, I’d go there more often.”

Leonard Cohen

The Challenge

Just think of how many challenges any artist faces every day. Being able to balance their personal life and the strict rehearsal schedule is exhausting.
But very much finding inspiration, keeping up with their talent, building an unbreakable self-trust, dealing with too many constraints, having the no-response nightmare, and the lack of persistence are the mental struggles they need to let go of. If you are on your way to becoming a professional artist, the faster you will be able to cope with these, the better the chances you will be experiencing success in your personal and professional life.

73% of independent musicians and actors have experienced negative emotions such as stress, anxiety and/or depression in relation to their career, says a new study which surveyed 1500 indie artists. Among those 18-25 the number rose to 80%.

A full 33% have also experienced panic attacks. Fear of failure, financial instability, loneliness and the pressure to succeed are given as main drivers.

57% of the respondents said that they worry about their mental health and well being. Of those, 41% worry several times per day.

Only about 0.000002% of musicians become “successful”. Yes, you read that right, 0.000002% and that is already being generous, of musicians who possess an insane amount of skill and talent don't become “successful” in their lives.

The Outcome

CLEARNESS® INNATE ARTIST introduces musicians, actors, writers, and any artist to an old but deeply-hidden paradigm for performance, unveiling the truth behind artistic excellence. You will get deeply in touch with your inner performer and start playing in tune with the mysterious flow of life you are emanating from every single beat of your heart. Just play. This is performing from the inside-out.
It’s not about you becoming an artist. It’s about unleashing YOUR artist. This is not an intellectual journey. It’s about expressing your individuality fully in who you are. It is about expressing your soul and connect with the soul of the audience.

In a just 48-hours-retreat, you will be able to change the game and understand the underlying principles behind the FLOW-state and perform like never before: PERFORM AS YOURSELF. BE THE ARTIST YOU ALREADY ARE.

You will, absolutely, break mental barriers and limiting beliefs increasing yourl security, responsiveness and self-confidence.

You will find within yourself new resources for energy, connection and innate wisdom.

You will uncover the secrets of your innate resilience unleashing your profound wellbeing and freedom.

You will increase your presence state., unleash your FLOW state .and stay connected with yourself, others and the audience while performing..

Getting There


20 min individual sessions with each participant via ZOOM to familiarize themselves with the overall process.

Optional: initial and final questionnaire to measure results.

INNATE ARTIST Immersive Experience

2,5 days spent on an innovative approach where innovation professionals will tap into new levels of both, individual and collective clarity, and, from there unleash a powerful creative performing space. .

Optional: : a pre and post performance lab experience.


Open line with Subtractive Coaching®, and optional deep-dive workshop for the team.

Optional: online or face-to-face bimonthly refreshments.

5 – 20 participants per session

A Typical CLEARNESS® INNATE ARTIST Immersion Experience

CLEARNESS® Immersion Retreat


  • Individual Session
    (Virtual 20 mins) with each participant to get familiar with the approach and the process of the upcoming retreat, and to mutually agree the program fit.
  • Initial Questionnaire
    to participants before starting, to self-assess the areas of impact.

5-20 participants
per session

2,5 days retreat
+ optional Follow-up

18:30Objectives: personal & professional
Clarity and the snag
Design & function of the brain
8:00Expressive movement
9:30Design & function of the mind
Design & function of our human experience
14:30The curtain of the FLOW experience: Performing in the ZONE
Access your innate well-being and resilience
21:00Open fire Insights
8:00Walking in nature
09:30The 3 underlying principles of CLEARNESS®
11:30Changing the game of performing.
Follow-up: Open line with subtractive coaching®, optional change management


Authenticity awaits you in a family farm where you can will disconnect from the rush of your daily life and reconnect with your innate wellbeing your innate capacity for self-leadership and resilience. A transformative experience in an inspiring setting: enjoying a charming rural environment, healthy and tasty food, within the best circle of friends.

Trekking in the mountains, early morning “expressive movement” activities, and sharing insights, will be part of the experience.
After-dinner reflection sessions in an authentic Indian tipi, where we gather around an open fire and share insights

"If I let go of who I think I am, I become who I am."

Sun Tzu


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